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Single Rhythm Swing, East Coast Swing & West Coast Swing.


Bolero, Cha Cha, Merengue, Rumba, Salsa & Samba.


Country 2-Step, Bachata, Hustle & Romantic Night Club 2-Step.


Foxtrot, Viennese Waltz, Slow Waltz & American Tango.

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Beginner Lessons

You will learn the fundamental patterns that are the building blocks of more challenging patterns that will be taught in the intermediate level.  You will learn frame & connection, leading and following skills, how to listen to music and have fun doing it.  Various dance styles for both swing classes and Latin classes will be taught in preparation for social dancing in night clubs, dinner dance clubs and ballrooms. There is no shame in repeating a beginner class as there is always new information and opportunity to be more prepared to advance to the next level.

Intermediate Lessons

This level involves more challenging patterns and dance styles, therefore a solid knowledge of the basics is necessary. Concentration will be on connecting patterns together in cohesive ways that provide you with a greater confidence and refinement in your dancing. This level will always have new challenging patterns every session no matter how many times you repeat the intermediate level. The instructor will do all they can to help every student, however must go the middle road to help the majority. If a student is not challenged enough then it is recommended they persue private dance lessons to catch up or move quickly to the next level of intermediate or advanced dancing.

Advanced Lessons

For more information on advanced lessons, email Brian at

Note: Seasonal schedules are subject to changes which affect time, place, fees, dance styles being taught, special offers and workshops offered. Brian is not a webmaster for every season therefore the best way to be up to date is email Brian for the most current information or be on his email base to receive prompt information.  Thank you for your cooperation, Brian Udal.