Student Testimonials

What our previous students have to say…

To move to music in a graceful, purposeful way is absolute joy. Roca Blanca Dance Studio has given me this.


Thank you for participating and supporting our event. Your hard work was much appreciated. The Bolero and Tango performance added zest and excitement to the evening.

South Fraser Women′s Services Society

I really enjoyed the party tonight, it was appreciated by everyone there, and it was easier to pick up on than I thought it would be going in. You taught it so that we all could get it and enjoy.

Aurora & Doug

Brian Udal at Brian’s Dance Class is an exceptional teacher. He taught us the Tango so well we received full honors in the Bronze Medallion.

Rod & Glynis

We are so enjoying the Single Rhythm Jive classes! You are the best! Sooooooooooooo much fun! Enjoy your day..we are off to practice, practice, practice!

Rick & Rie

I enjoy being a regular – it’s a lot of fun and I keep telling others how great it is to dance.


Thanks for doing such a great job with my daughter Kathy (age 16), she is very enthusiastic about her dancing.


I really enjoyed your Bolero class last week. You were positive (commenting on our sense of rhythm was great), upbeat (involving and treating everyone equally), energetic (kept us moving for the whole two hours, hot as we were), relaxed (laughing and making relevant jokes), and you injected fun into the evening. Thanks!


Brian, you are very good teacher. I appreciate that you are very patient and thorough to ensure everyone has the sequence before moving on which allows us to retain and practice the steps, instead of rushing through the pattern.


You’re studio is great and you and your staff are very skilled dance teachers. You are by far the best dance instructor, I’ve ever had. You break the dancing down step by step so that everyone can understand it. You are remarkable how you are able to teach your students a new dance pattern within one lesson and by the end of the session they are all demonstrating the pattern successfully! You have a beautiful, modern, clean dance studio with a very accomplished professional teaching staff. There is an “art” to teaching… so that all of your students understand, because there are many different learning styles. You have mastered this art! Thank you for giving me the gift of dance. Cheers!


Just wanted to take a few minutes and say thank you for your patience with us. We are extremely happy to have you be a part of our Journey. You are a great teacher and really enjoyed all the classes. Hope to see you soon.

Gurpreet & Anna

Had a good time this eve and THANKS SO MUCH for giving of your time, expertise, energy, generosity, and charm. I recognize and acknowledge the work that went into creating the masterpiece…..sooo much happening and yet an exceptionally thought out schedule. For all your hard work, dedication, commitment and GREAT spirit, I (and I know your other students) salute you!!!


I recently attended a dance where I had a lovely time with several students and lots of new people to dance with. We had enough lessons under our collective belts that we could do different patterns and really enjoy each other. Dancing is truly life-enriching, and I am grateful to you and your teachers for all you have done to get a group of us “floor-worthy”. You would have been pleased to see all the smiling faces. I am looking forward to more classes. So, thanks Brian, for persevering with the studio, through thick and thin – I really appreciate it, and I know that others do too.